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The company

VSV is a transportation and logging company based in Karlstad. It was founded in 1968 and has grown to become one of the major operators in forestry industry logistics in this part of the country.  


Our business concept and vision

VSV is committed to making positive contributions towards improving the profitability of the Swedish forestry industry. This will be done by developing and offering services along the whole of the timber logistics chain, from felling to delivery.

Our vision is to be the leading company in our sector of the forestry industry. We will achieve this by strengthening our position as a dependable and attractive partner for our customers through continual and active development of all our services.

By 2012 we will have increased our customer focus by offering substantially improved service, feedback and delivery precision. Collaboration with other partners will have resulted in coordination benefits regarding, for example, the optimal use of resources, routing and returns, internal benchmarking etc.


Our operations

VSV offers a number of specific services to both public and private forest enterprises, as well as to forest administrators. Our main services are logging and transportation of round timber, wood-chips and bio-fuels. We also operate a processing plant for bio-fuels and have set up three terminals for handling bio-products. There are also terminals for handling round timber and wood-chips.

To co-ordinate our operations we have introduced computerized logistics solutions and administrative routines. These ensure smooth-running management services, accurate navigation and precise instructions for our drivers and machine operators and will, in the near future, also coordinate service workshops in our region.


Vehicles and machines

We have an impressive fleet of vehicles, which includes 140 round timber transporters and 15 biofuels transporters. Our forestry plant includes 60 logging machines/harvesters, 60 forest tractors and 5 wood-chip harvesters.


Our environmental policy

VSV is well aware of the environmental impact that plant and equipment used in the industry can have on the well-being of forest and countryside areas. This is why the company is engaged in an advanced programme for a sustainable environment, ensuring that any damage is kept to an absolute minimum.

VSV’s environmental programme has been officially certified as fulfilling the requirements for environmental management systems specified in SS-ISO 14001 and PEFC.

Where to find us

Head Office:

VSV Frakt AB, Box 2018, S-650 02 Karlstad, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)54 -14 07 00, fax: +46 (0)54-14 07 22, E-mail:

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